My wife and I might be considered “light” exhibitionists.

The risk of being seen is quite erotic.

Not sure how we’d feel about someone actually watching but the thrill of discreet public sex is exhilarating.

My wife and I have had sex in playgrounds (after hours of course), sex on hotel balconies, foreplay under streetlamps, sex on patios, sex in lifeguard stand, sex on beach with walking path nearby, sex on hood of parked car, oral in hotel elevator and hallway. Most always after a few drinks to loosen the inhibitions.

It’s the risk of being caught that is exciting, but don’t think we would be able to perform knowingly in front of someone else.

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How to Pleasure my Wife

Start slow and easy. Sensual kissing at first, moving your lips to the nape of her neck. Work slowly and tease her nipples, applying just the right amount of pressure. Continue moving down across her belly, little kisses add to the sensual anticipation of what is to eventually cum. Once at her mid-section, ever so softly lick around the vagina. Through the panties offers an erotic barrier that heightens the pleasure. Pull the panties ever so gently to the side and lick along the edge of the pussy lips. Slowly insert a finger in, but not all the way. Do it just enough to get the fingertip wet with her juices. Remove finger and rub it against her lips and then let her suck it clean while you pleasure her vagina with your tongue. Read her body language and give her your throbbing member when you feel she can’t take anymore. Keep her panties on, the friction of the thong against the cock is quite pleasurable. Wont take long before you both reach the pinnacle and explode.

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I was a bit surprised when my wife did this and it was the first time I had noticed in 17 years of marriage.  It happened during a weekend away. Went out for the evening and, as usual, my wife was in a classy dress with plunging neckline that induced a lot of flirting and secret touching throughout the night. When we got back to the hotel and were able to satisfy our pent up urges, it happened.

I noticed it after I gave her a good oral sex session in a corner chair (I really enjoy doing that to her, probably more than she likes receiving). When I swiftly moved her from the fellatio chair to the bed, so I could get my cock into her, clear fluid gushed from her vagina as she got up. She  climaxed very quickly after two thrusts. I have only see this once or twice since and it is always on nights where she is highly aroused.

Wish I could control when I get her to do that. I can entice an orgasm, but when I get her to gush I know she is at the pinnacle of her arousal. So sexy.

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