My wife and I might be considered “light” exhibitionists.

The risk of being seen is quite erotic.

Not sure how we’d feel about someone actually watching but the thrill of discreet public sex is exhilarating.

My wife and I have had sex in playgrounds (after hours of course), sex on hotel balconies, foreplay under streetlamps, sex on patios, sex in lifeguard stand, sex on beach with walking path nearby, sex on hood of parked car, oral in hotel elevator and hallway. Most always after a few drinks to loosen the inhibitions.

It’s the risk of being caught that is exciting, but don’t think we would be able to perform knowingly in front of someone else.

About Classy Wife/Sexy Couple

Just a long time married couple that is a little adventurous and enjoys sex with each other as much as possible. Nothing too crazy but a little daring to keep the spice in our romance.
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4 Responses to Exhibitionists?

  1. dangler says:

    Thats awesome you and your wife do that.

  2. timaylivalie says:

    I to am a exhibitionist,or voyeuristic,i love the thrill of not knowing who is watching or of Bing caught it is very erotic to me.
    I really enjoy cam modeling except I do it pro bono

  3. Chester Michaels says:

    I’m an exhibitionist who likes streaking, but I’m finding it difficult to go for the feeling when there could be the possibility of being caught. X(

  4. I like to undress with the curtains wide open. One time when I was on vacation staying at a motel the woman across the way made no attempt to hide the fact that she was watching

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